Parental Information


We are happy to administer medication throughout a child’s nursery day such as children’s paracetamol.  We can supply and administer children’s paracetamol for children who become unwell whilst in our care.  Contact will be made to the parent/carer prior to administering paracetamol which has not yet had written permission.  Some examples of why we might need to administer paracetamol would be for temperature, teething or pain relief.  We can only give one dose of paracetamol throughout a child’s nursery day.

Prescribed medication can be given to your child given if it has the original packaging and label stating the correct child’s name and is within date. A written permission slip must be completed at the start of your child’s session.

Please note that children who are taking antibiotics cannot attend nursery for the first 24 hours of treatment.


Coughs, colds and respiratory infections are relatively commonplace but in order to avoid the spreading of germs, children are encouraged to wash their hands regularly throughout the nursery day. We are aware of our responsibilities to keep the environment as clean as possible and regularly clean and sterilise our toys and other equipment. Should your child display symptoms of illness, we ask that you keep your child at home in order to prevent the spread of infection to others.

What to do if your child is unwell:-

1. Please notify staff by 10am if your child is unwell and won’t be attending Nursery. Staff will notify you if your child becomes ill whilst at Nursery.

2. Please keep your child at home if they are unwell and notify staff when a diagnosis has been made. We can then discuss when your child will be able to return to Nursery.

3. Parents must keep their child at home for 48 hours after symptoms have cleared up when suffering from sickness and diarrhoea. This allows staff to control the spread of the infection as quickly as possible.

If you are unsure of any illnesses and there exclusion periods please contact a member of the management team for more information.

Authorised Pick Up / Drop Off

Please inform the Nursery in writing if there is a change to the usual arrangements for the authorised pick up of your child.

In the event of an emergency, if a person, other than an authorised person, is going to be collecting your child please call the Nursery as soon as possible and arrangements can be made with you so that staff can identify the person on their arrival.

There is a security lock on each door. Please press the button and staff will release the door after identifying you. Parents are not given the code to the entry pad in order to minimise the risk of an unwanted intruder.


Tapestry helps us and you as parents to record, track and celebrate your child’s progress whilst at Nether Green Nursery. It will help us to capture special moments and experiences as well as monitor your child’s development and learning. Text, images and videos can be uploaded via our tablets whist your child is at nursery.  Every entry helps to create a complete story of your child’s time at our nursery.  You will have your own unique password to be able to view and update your child’s journal.

You will also have the opportunity to update their development records by adding your own observations, comments and pictures. We want to reassure you that your child’s information will be viewed only by the Nether Green Nursery staff and yourselves.  If you would like more information on how it works you can go to the website on or ask a member of our team.

To ensure we are able to set up an online account for you to access your child’s development records we will first need an email address so we are able to send you a link to set up a password for your tapestry account. Once the account is set up, you will be able to log into your child’s online development records.

Before we are able to upload anything to your child’s account we would need to obtain your permission to take photographs within nursery and upload these to the online programme. The photos would only be accessible to yourself and other family members who have access to the password.  Occasionally your child may also appear in group observations or activities on other people’s photos or videos.  You will be required to complete a form and return it to nursery.

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