Summary of Admissions Procedure

Nursery care is available to anyone subject to vacancies. We recommend every family comes to visit us at our setting to look around our environment and to meet the team.

When a nursery place is requested an application form will be completed and a confirmation letter will be sent.  After confirming your child’s place you will be invited to sign up to our ‘Parent Admin System’ where you will complete your child entry forms and requirements.

Settling in

We want you and your child to feel happy and secure with the transition from home to nursery and usually recommend 3 to 4 settling sessions over a 4 – 6 week period.

You will be invited to ‘stay and play’ with your child to meet the staff team and their key worker and so that children can familiarise themselves with their environment, build confidence and form close bonds with staff.   This also provides us with an opportunity to work in partnership with you to find out more about your child’s needs, favourite toys, likes and dislikes.  If your child is happy to be left, then we would encourage you to gradually extend the time they are left with us.  We understand separation can be difficult and it is a good idea to stay locally so that you can come back to nursery if necessary.

Please be patient as every child is different and we will be as flexible as possible with you during the settling in period.  If we feel that your child will benefit from more stay and play sessions, then we will make every effort to accommodate this.

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